Laminated windscreens are a vital part of every bus, motorhome and heavy machinery vehicle. But did you know windscreens also play a key role in protecting drivers and passengers from the sun?

Laminated glass windscreens consist of three layers: an inner-facing layer, an outer-facing layer, and a middle PVB interlayer. A standard, clear PVB interlayer film can be used, which filters most of the ultraviolet (UV) light itself – or it can be enhanced with protective properties to block infrared rays (IR) and the total solar energy transmitted through the windscreen.

S-LEC™ Film, developed by Sekisui and commonly known as Solar Control, provides this solution: a PVB interlayer that blocks solar energy and IR light while maintaining visible light transfer of 70% or above. This results in better heat blocking and reduces the sensation of burning or irritation of the skin, for example.

Better sun protection increases comfort and reduces risk

The light spectrum is made up of UV light, visible rays, and IR, existing on a scale that ranges from 0 to 2500 nanometres (nm). Infrared rays from 1450-1900 nm stimulate the nerves on the skin, and so are responsible for the sensation of heat.

Solar Control Film cuts down on the infrared rays from 1500-2100 nm that result in an uncomfortable feeling on the skin.

An illustration of how sunlight interacts with Solar Control film.

Practically, this increases comfort within the vehicle. Both the driver and passengers experience a 5-7 °C reduction in the perceived ambient temperature – and the driver’s risk of suffering harmful skin effects, which accumulate while driving, is also reduced. The same goes for vehicle components like the steering wheel and dashboard, protecting your vehicle investment over time.

Cooling on the move

The Solar Control PVB interlayer also provides a cooling effect while driving, outperforming metal-based coatings in reducing the amount of heat generated inside a vehicle at highway speeds. Solar Control Film absorbs wind to cool accumulated heat in the glass – so the faster the vehicle moves, the greater the cooling effect. This is important on long trips for your bus fleet or motorhome range.

Solar Control Film cuts down on the infrared rays from 1500-2100 nm that result in an uncomfortable feeling on the skin.

Solar control saves energy

Using Solar Control saves about 20% (or 0.11 kWh) of energy consumption by the air conditioning system in 60 minutes of driving. This translates to an increase of 4.6km in driving range. This effect is even greater in buses and motorhomes, making Solar Control a popular choice for electric vehicle manufacturers, for example, to save energy.

Comparison of air conditioner energy consumption with standard PVB vs. Solar Control PVB.

Greater connectivity

Metallic windscreen films cause electromagnetic interference (EMI), which negatively impacts the use of internet-connected devices. On the other hand, Solar Control film allows free transmission of electromagnetic waves. This means that the connectivity of cell phones and other internet-connected devices – as well as proximity-based road tolls and parking spaces – used in your drivers’ line of work will be unaffected.

A combined solution

At Finn Lamex, we offer S-LEC Solar Control Film L. The best protection is provided by a combined solution of green or grey-tinted glass with an added Solar Control interlayer, which we offer in all our windscreens.

Are you interested in the increased comfort, connectivity, safety and efficiency of Solar Control? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a customised windscreen solution for your business.

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