Zentrale Autoglas is a specialist window glazer, established in 1988. The company serves the needs of buses, trucks, cars and motorhomes – as well as specialty vehicles. Their services include window replacement, reconditioning, and repair. 

The business relationship between Zentrale and Finn Lamex stretches back 20 years, to the very beginning of Finn Lamex’s history. We sat down with Helge Prigge, head of sales for Zentrale Autoglas, to talk about what’s made the partnership last so long.

Guaranteed quality from a flexible partner

Throughout their more than 30 year history, Zentrale has stayed committed to providing a high standard for their windscreens and windows – always of OEM quality – for their entire range of services. Finn Lamex’s steady quality level has been a driving force in keeping the partnership strong.  

“We sell Finn Lamex products to our customers every day,” says Prigge. “We have very high quality standards for all of our products, and Finn Lamex products always meet those standards.”  

Like many business success stories, Zentrale was born out of a small garage. Today, that garage has been replaced by a modern facility in Melle, with more than 20,000 windows stretching across 75,000 square feet of stock – the largest in Europe – complete with tailored parking for large vehicles and a separate guest house for customers. In addition to their main facility, Zentrale operates 24 other locations spread across Germany and Austria.  

“We’ve had a very long relationship with Finn Lamex. If I look back in the last 20 to 25 years, when we started doing business with Finn Lamex, we’ve always had good relations with them.”  



“With Finn Lamex…we always get our parts and products within the confirmed delivery times.

Constant service

Glass is a fast-moving industry, and both parties are willing to stretch their services to 24 hours to keep it flowing. Zentrale serves Germany and Austria with 24/7 support, and acts as a service partner throughout Europe, with worldwide distribution.  

“We are in a very time sensitive business,” Prigge states. “We offer our customers 24-hour service, so it’s critical that we keep products in stock. With Finn Lamex, it’s really great, because we always get our parts and products within the confirmed delivery times.”  

Today Zentrale fields more than 100 customer requests per day, so time is always of the essence. To meet that demand, Prigge says, everything boils down to two factors: keeping inventory stocked, and consistent quality.  

“With Zentrale, we’ve had two main problems. One problem was getting all the parts we needed for our business, and the second was to get the products we need at a high level of quality. Both have been solved by Finn Lamex.”


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