A successful future is built on skilled and motivated staff

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At Finn Lamex, we care about our employees and believe that their well-being and commitment are key to a successful company. That’s why we want to offer new employees the opportunity to join us and experience the warm atmosphere and strong team spirit of our working community.


Our work culture is one of our greatest assets. We encourage open communication and teamwork because we believe that together we can achieve more. Recently, we conducted a survey on our employer brand, and the results highlighted the importance of feeling part of a close-knit and supportive community. At Finn Lamex, there is a strong team spirit that positively impacts our work with customers.

“Finn Lamex has a good working atmosphere, and in a small organization, the management also knows its employees.”


We are committed to taking care of our employees’ well-being in many ways. We offer comprehensive opportunities for maintaining health and fitness, competitive salaries, and excellent employee benefits. Our goal is to ensure that every employee feels valued and supported in both their work and personal lives.

“Investment is made in the well-being of employees, and community spirit is also strengthened outside of working hours.”


Our reputation as an employer has been built over the years by our dedicated and satisfied employees. Reliability is key to maintaining this reputation. Additionally, transparency is another core value we uphold. We encourage our employees to share their ideas and suggestions because we firmly believe that the best results come from collaboration and open communication.

At Finn Lamex, we don’t just work; we build a successful future together. Our close and supportive work community, employee well-being, and reliability and transparency are values that also reflect in our work with customers.

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