Expertise, communication and high-quality windscreens are the core of Finn Lamex

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Our website boldly states that we may be the best windscreen manufacturer in the world. Although windscreen manufacturing and delivery around the world is difficult to measure, our promise has a solid foundation.

Finn Lamex has over twenty years of experience in commercial and industrial machinery laminated windscreen production. Our high-quality glass increases safety for public transport vehicles, motorhomes and worksites. Our main product, bus windscreens, are exported worldwide.

We are especially proud that our windscreens are used in the world’s most famous double-decker buses in London. Our cooperation with the two firms that manufacture these buses has gone on for many years.

We aim for growth in both the vehicle and industrial machine segments – and we have a specific vision and plan for our expansion in mind. Our playing field covers the whole world, and we believe we’ll find no shortage of potential customers.


Finn Lamex quality is strongly rooted in technical excellence. With our decades of experience, we understand our customers’ needs and can offer them the best possible solution.

Potential problems are, of course, best addressed proactively – that’s why we support our customers from the planning stage onward. We haven’t yet encountered a laminated windscreen shape we couldn’t achieve.

Our service orientation is a point of pride for us. We’re easy to approach and collaboration with us is simple and straightforward. This is evidenced by several long-term customer relationships that have emerged over the years, and cooperation with many large companies began during Finn Lamex’s founding stage.

As a company, we’re just the right size: not too small, but small enough that we can react to customer needs with speed and agility. We’re able to make quick decisions because we’re a local and partly management-owned company.



Backing up our quality products and services are, of course, our iron-clad team of experts – our employees. Finn Lamex has 80 professionals at its service. As an employer, we strive to take good care of our staff and ensure that, when it comes to our work, everything stays in good order.

As for myself, I’ve been at the company for 13 years – and have spent the past four as Managing Director. As an engineer, I’m fact-based and data driven. For leading people, I’ve learned that the most important things are that business goals are clear, and everyone knows what they should be doing.

In my opinion, a leader must above all be a facilitator – one who ensures that their professionals have all the knowledge, tools and frameworks necessary to carry out his or her job. When this is taken care of, they can better enjoy their work and gain satisfaction from their contribution.

At Finn Lamex, we believe that our work is at its best in a flexible atmosphere. When the job is done, we don’t criticize needlessly. It seems we’ve succeeded, because we enjoy our work and our employee turnover is minimal.

Tero Toivanen
Managing Director



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