Four ways Finn Lamex delivers service beyond expectations

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Finn Lamex can only be the best windscreen manufacturer in the world by putting customers first, so over the years they’ve developed a strong company ethos around customer orientation.

Mari Kauraoja and Hanna-Leena Nurmi are the customer service professionals at Finn Lamex, fielding customer inquiries from Finland and abroad while working closely with their internal team and external logistics providers. 

We sat down with them to learn exactly how they empower the strong customer orientation at Finn Lamex. 


Over the years, considering all issues from the customer perspective has become nearly automatic. 

“Everything we do and think about starts with the question ‘What’s best for the customer?’” says Export Sales specialist Mari Kauraoja. “We consider the customer perspective and how it will benefit them in everything we do. For us it has become quite automatic.” 

When taking on a new customer, the team always consults with them to learn the how and why of their operations. The idea is not to secure just one sale, but a close, long-term partnership. This involves keeping communications close at hand, so when there is some emergency, Finn Lamex can do their best to help. 

“In my opinion, the main thing is to take the customer’s point of view into account whenever we act,” states fellow Export Sales professional Hanna-Leena Nurmi. 



Finn Lamex’s specialty is a high-quality, customized production line and a level of expertise that allows them to take on complex projects, which carries over into their ability to help the customer arrive at the best possible outcome.  

“We never start with ‘We can’t,’’’ says Kauraoja. 

And Finn Lamex’s customer orientation, as well as mastery of their production line, means they’re willing to come to the rescue for the customer in complex or urgent cases. Because of their close customer relationships, there is a mutual appreciation and understanding that this willingness should be respected by both sides. 

In one memorable case, a customer from Spain purchased glass for a travel agency in France. When the glass arrived broken, Finn Lamex replaced the glass and delivered it directly to the end customer in France. 

“At Finn Lamex, we really want to go the extra mile. And usually we can, because we can involve all departments and our logistics providers in problem solving,” says Nurmi. 


For Finn Lamex, the goal is to build and respect long-term customer relationships. This involves close and frequent communication with customers. 

In 2021, Finn Lamex completed a series of dealer interviews to get feedback about performance and investigate areas where it might be possible to improve. This is a key part of their strategy to constantly develop their products, customer orientation and service capabilities while helping them stay up to date with their dealers and customers outside of the sales process. 

This carries over to conducting everyday business, too. In the case of fulfilling a delivery, Finn Lamex confirms the order and stays in contact throughout the process, communicating the expected delivery time.  

“And if we know there is or might be an issue with logistics – or anything else – we are open and honest with customers.” 

Their goal is to inform the customer before they need to ask – and if there’s a problem anticipated with the delivery, letting them know as soon as possible. Fortunately, these cases are rare – the company’s smooth delivery process is the result of carefully selected logistics partners, with whom Finn Lamex cooperates to serve customers and solve issues. 


Maintaining a strong customer orientation also means being prepared for contingencies, and never getting complacent. 

“We always try to expect the unexpected,” says Kauraoja.  

Flexibility has always been a key value offering for Finn Lamex, and they consider themselves in an optimal position – big enough to work with major players and deliver on large volumes, but small enough to stay agile.  

One of the most consistent pieces of positive feedback Finn Lamex received in a recent blitz of customer satisfaction interviews was their fast response time. When dealing with Finn Lamex, customers said, response time was often measured in minutes rather than the days or weeks.

According to Nurmi and Kauraoja, it’s just a natural part of how Finn Lamex operates – and natural Finnish punctuality may play a part, too. 

Over the coming years, Finn Lamex will work to further improve its processes – and go digital. Their new web shop, where customers can easily place orders online, is just one piece of the puzzle.

“Ultimately, the relationships we have with our customers are based on trust. This has been especially true during the difficult times everyone has faced over the last couple of years, and we thank the loyal customers that have stayed with us!”

[Finn Lamex] is one of the top windscreen producers in the market… When somebody asks me if I can give a good reference in the windscreen manufacturing business, we say that Finn Lamex is at the top level.

Raf Janssens
Van Hool

Finn Lamex has had a cooperative attitude towards helping us meet our requirements, combined with a thorough knowledge of their own production processes, quality and way of working. The communication with our key contact was always open and fair.

 Jasper Backx

Finn Lamex wins because of their OEM products. The value of our business is that we can sell OEM products – it is very important to us. I’m choosing the best I can for my customers, and this is the reason I cooperate with Finn Lamex.

Anna Mroskowiak
Szyby Autobusowe

Everybody knows our company as the Finn Lamex company. Whenever we need some technical assistance, Finn Lamex is ready to give it to us. They react quickly to our questions, and we make a good team with their technical people as well.

Eva Kovacs
Auto-Bus Glass

We evaluate our cooperation with Finn Lamex as very good. 

Škoda Transportation

Finn Lamex has proven to be a partner more than a supplier, for us it was a big step to approach a supplier so far from us. Now we are satisfied with having made this choice for the quality, delivery times and technical support for any issue we have.




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