How to choose a windshield manufacturer: FIVE FACTORS TO CONSIDER

Selecting the right windshield manufacturer is a critical decision for agricultural equipment producers. It not only influences visibility and safety, but also impacts durability and operational efficiency. With so many choices, identifying the best manufacturer for your business can be a challenge. Here are five factors we think you should consider to make a well-informed selection.

1. Safety and durability

With heavy machinery, the starting point is always operator and passenger safety. Windshields play an important role creating a safe and comfortable cabin – and working environment – that can stand up to the rigors of the worksite day in and day out.

Resilient laminated safety glass withstands powerful blows and dents and is safe even if it breaks – the film between the layers of glass prevents formation of sharp splinters. This means the glass will remain in one piece, even if it’s severely damaged. Make sure to choose a manufacturer that uses high-quality raw materials as a starting point.

2. Fit, shape, and curve

Ropa Tiger 6
ROPA’s signature curved windshield, which helped it win a Red Dot Design Award.

Modern industrial machinery has specific, and sometimes demanding, prerequisites for windshield shape, size and details. You should expect nothing less than a windshield ready to be installed with a perfect fit.

A curved wrap around glass offers the best combination of aerodynamics, visibility, and design. A curved windshield enables the A-frame support to be moved further back, improving the visibility to the sides, and eliminating blind spots.

When it comes to producing curved windshields, Finn Lamex has the production equipment and knowhow to execute the best results. In fact, we specialize in large windshields in difficult shapes. Our client ROPA, for example, won the Red Dot Design award in no small part due to its wide, modern cabin view.

Our comfort and skill at producing difficult curves offers a clear competitive advantage.

3. Expertise and quality control

Look for windshield manufacturers that use only high-quality, tested raw materials from the leading suppliers, with consistent quality control standards for every customer.

Over the decades, Finn Lamex has designed and built our own tailor-made production machinery and process to guarantee the best result for you and your customers. Whether you’ are’re a manufacturer or a wholesaler, you’ll get the same level of excellent windshield quality.This level of care extends to all our factory spaces, resources, and maintenance processes.

4. A strong customer orientation

In our view, a high-quality windshield manufacturer should be ready to:

  • Take the customer view: Always think beyond securing just one sale – learn how the customer operates, what they need, and why.
  • Start with yes: As long as customer needs are physically possible, a windshield manufacturer should never start a conversation with ‘We can’t.’
  • Focus on long-term relationships: Customer relationships are about the long-haul – working closely together and passing on information before they even think to ask.
  • Stay agile: An excellent windscreen manufacturer should be ready to respond quickly, and never stop developing processes to serve customers even better – no matter their size.

At Finn Lamex, we’re known for our fast and efficient B2B customer service. The four points above are instrumental in our customer orientation strategy.

Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the best solution for you. If you’re interested in a new windshield solution, don’t miss out on your chance to get tailored advice from one of our experts!

5. Fast delivery and robust packaging

Just like you have precise requirements for your windshield fit, so too should your company have high standards for the manufacturers you partner with. Look for a manufacturer with a robust service and delivery network – and a proven track record of getting shipments to customers as agreed and intact.

At Finn Lamex, we have a worldwide distribution network that enables fast and efficient service to customers in North America through local dealers. Our rapid delivery process is transparent – you’ll always know where your windshields are. We have personally ensured the high quality of our glass packaging, which is sourced from a location supplier. All windscreens are packaged in robust casing to ensure a safe delivery. Our service is backed up by the trust of many clients:

The total value of Finn Lamex

Finn Lamex is dedicated to the highest product quality. Our windshields fit like a glove, so your business can keep moving. When you work with Finn Lamex, you’re not just buying our access to state-of-the-art production equipment – you’re joining us in a process of continuous improvement and unique in-house expertise. We work with efficiency to get you the best value for money.

And with our signature focus on complex, curved, and large windshields, practically all windshield shapes are possible – in batch sizes small and large. We deliver an optimal windshield solution at the best combination of functionality and cost, so you can be sure you get the best value for your investment with Finn Lamex.

Let’s get started.

[Finn Lamex] is one of the top windscreen producers in the market… When somebody asks me if I can give a good reference in the windscreen manufacturing business, we say that Finn Lamex is at the top level.

Raf Janssens
Van Hool

Finn Lamex has had a cooperative attitude towards helping us meet our requirements, combined with a thorough knowledge of their own production processes, quality and way of working. The communication with our key contact was always open and fair.

 Jasper Backx

Finn Lamex wins because of their OEM products. The value of our business is that we can sell OEM products – it is very important to us. I’m choosing the best I can for my customers, and this is the reason I cooperate with Finn Lamex.

Anna Mroskowiak
Szyby Autobusowe

Everybody knows our company as the Finn Lamex company. Whenever we need some technical assistance, Finn Lamex is ready to give it to us. They react quickly to our questions, and we make a good team with their technical people as well.

Eva Kovacs
Auto-Bus Glass

We evaluate our cooperation with Finn Lamex as very good. 

Škoda Transportation

Finn Lamex has proven to be a partner more than a supplier, for us it was a big step to approach a supplier so far from us. Now we are satisfied with having made this choice for the quality, delivery times and technical support for any issue we have.