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ROPA targets driver safety and comfort with Finn Lamex laminated windscreens

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ROPA manufactures, sells and services heavy machinery for sugar beet and potato harvesting. Headquartered in Sittelsdorf, Germany, ROPA is powered by more than 450 professionals – not including other European subsidiaries. Established in 1972, ROPA has proven itself as a premium manufacturer in the potato technology sector, meeting the demands of economically and technologically advanced agricultural partners.

Today their modern machines operate throughout more than 40 countries.

Carving out ROPA’s perfect windscreen design

ROPA’s collaboration with Finn Lamex began in 2002, when the two companies put their heads together to develop the company’s distinctive windscreen form. Together, they were able to produce the perfect design for the company’s signature cylinder-shaped windscreens.

ROPA’s windscreen design is characterised by a high and deeply curved laminated surface. This lends the vehicles a modern, high-quality look – and offers more comfort and greater visibility for operator. The windscreen curvature gives the driver a uniquely wide view and places the A-pillar farther away for a better field of vision.

“The windscreen design is also perfect in combination with our specialised ROPA windscreen wiper technology, which cleans the entire surface.”

Ropa Tiger 6

“Optimal visibility improves the drivers’ quality of work. And the windscreen design is also perfect in combination with our specialised ROPA windscreen wiper technology, which cleans the entire surface,” states Maximilian Englbrecht, Marketing Director, ROPA.

ROPA’s machinery has been met with high praise throughout the decades. In 2018, the company clinched the Red Dot Design Award for the Tiger 6 sugar beet lifter – a key factor being the wide, panoramic cabin view.

Operator safety is paramount

In addition to working with Finn Lamex to enhance their drivers’ field of vision, ROPA chose laminated safety glass to keep operators safe and comfortable at work.

“The overall focus of our windscreen design was on the comfort of the driver. We wanted to provide drivers with a comfortable workplace, especially on long days.”

Laminated safety glass is constructed with a thin PVB interlayer between two panes of glass, which prevents shattering. Its strength protects drivers from projectiles, i.e., debris kicked up from the ground, and reduces the level of sound that reaches the cabin for a pleasant working environment.

“Laminated safety glass stays in place even in case of breakage,” Englbrecht continues. “Even then, laminated safety glass windscreens protect the driver and gives them cover from the wind and rain. We use laminated safety glass because it’s safer for the driver – if the glass ever breaks, there aren’t any sharp shards. It’s the best design for road traffic.”

The laminated glass can be further improved through tinting or Solar Control to cut down on uncomfortable sun exposure – important for long days in the hot seat.


What is Solar Control – and why should you use it in your windscreens?

As of 2023, Finn Lamex is the main windscreen supplier for the company – and there are no signs of slowing down the collaboration on ROPA’s award-winning machinery.

Ropa Maus 6

“ROPA has the cab with the best overview in the sugar beet harvesting technology market.

Drivers really appreciate the top-class workplace.”


See what Finn Lamex has to offer.

[Finn Lamex] is one of the top windscreen producers in the market… When somebody asks me if I can give a good reference in the windscreen manufacturing business, we say that Finn Lamex is at the top level.

Raf Janssens
Van Hool

Finn Lamex has had a cooperative attitude towards helping us meet our requirements, combined with a thorough knowledge of their own production processes, quality and way of working. The communication with our key contact was always open and fair.

 Jasper Backx

Finn Lamex wins because of their OEM products. The value of our business is that we can sell OEM products – it is very important to us. I’m choosing the best I can for my customers, and this is the reason I cooperate with Finn Lamex.

Anna Mroskowiak
Szyby Autobusowe

Everybody knows our company as the Finn Lamex company. Whenever we need some technical assistance, Finn Lamex is ready to give it to us. They react quickly to our questions, and we make a good team with their technical people as well.

Eva Kovacs
Auto-Bus Glass

We evaluate our cooperation with Finn Lamex as very good. 

Škoda Transportation

Finn Lamex has proven to be a partner more than a supplier, for us it was a big step to approach a supplier so far from us. Now we are satisfied with having made this choice for the quality, delivery times and technical support for any issue we have.


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