Unique know how

You design it, we make it


What is so unique about us?

For our professionals, practically all laminated windscreen shapes are possible. Incomparable craft skills, modern production technology and excellent quality are why we just might be the best windscreen manufacturer in the world.

Premium quality windscreens customized to your needs

On each of our windscreens, you can see our unique know-how and skilled craftsmanship, developed over years of detailed work. Our bending furnace is designed for bending the world’s biggest and most difficult shaped glass.

A seamless production line creates efficiency

In our Nordic manufacturing facility in south-west Finland, our self-designed and self-built production lines ensure extensive possibilities in shape and design, efficient production and on-time deliveries. An important part of our service is to be able to change the process quickly to meet the needs of our customers. If anyone, we can make it happen.

It starts with an idea

Wondering, if it can be done? Usually the answer is yes. Let’s create the safest, most comfortable and most elegant version of your vehicle.

Virtually no design limitations

Our skilled professionals are true craftsmen. In doubt about details? We are happy to assist you with the practical aspects of the windscreen design.

Start with a prototype

Caught between different options? Start out with a prototype or with a smaller batch. We will help you find the perfect windscreen shape for your vehicle.

Do you have a finished design?

Wonderful! Contact us, let’s make your order happen. We guarantee a perfect fit, premium quality and on-time delivery to your destination.

If we can’t produce it, it can’t be done

(We have never said no to a challenge)

The best windscreen manufacturer in the world?
We just might be.

Our daily goal is to meet the most demanding requirements of our clients. We are renowned for our ability to work with demanding glass and challenging shapes. All our manufacturing machines are self-made to serve our specific needs.