The good reputation of Finn Lamex’s windscreen quality and service hasn’t been plucked from thin air. Our strength lies in our production process, where each of our employees is committed to quality.  

Generally speaking, windscreen quality is defined by four key factors: fit, purity, optics and shape.  Fit means that the glass fulfils all features agreed upon with the customer and the requirements of the installation site. Purity and optics signify that there are no inclusions or optical defects in the glass, nor any dirt left between the laminates.  

The right shape and dimensions are, in turn, a prerequisite for a smooth installation process. For example, the glass in a construction crane may need to be installed at a height of 100 metres, so the glass must exactly match its requirements for the installation to be completed in one go.  

At Finn Lamex, we meet these requirements by maintaining and continuously developing the quality of our production process and products. We regularly renew our machinery, stay on top of equipment maintenance, and use high quality raw materials.  


Quality is easy to maintain with experience, expertise and technical resources

Our key strength is our refined production process that guarantees quality. This process consists of detailed planning, a tailor-made production line and precise fine tuning of each manufacturing stage. 

Our principle is that quality doesn’t come from observation, but by getting to work. In our windscreen production process, each of us is committed to producing quality – and that means inspecting the glass for potential errors from each production stage, including their own. We don’t consider quality control a separate work phase, but as a continuous operation throughout the entire manufacturing process. Of course, we also conduct regular product audits, sample measurements, batch-specific process verifications, as well as statutory testing of our safety components. 

As a windscreen supplier, our product quality is reflected in the fact that it’s comparable to larger suppliers – but as a small and independent company, we are significantly more flexible than our larger competitors. We have the experience, expertise and technical resources to manufacture large windscreens with demanding shapes. But we also excel at individual customisation and small batch production. 


The best product quality is ensured through close collaboration with the customer.

The best solutions for special requirements are found together with the customer

It’s thanks to our flexibility and our skill in windscreen customisation that we can find truly high-quality solutions to the customer’s needs. At its best, collaboration begins early: at the design stage of the customer’s product. 

A good example of this is a customer who wanted the most aerodynamic design possible for their new range of buses. As a result of our close cooperation, in the end we found a shape for their windshields that met these requirements. 

We made prototype windscreens where, together with the customer, we defined the correct places and for accessories – such as camera mounts, sensors and lights– and suitable installation angles. We also designed component fasteners, which we then built and assembled into a final configuration. The end result was an aerodynamic windscreen, complete with accessories. We applied this basic idea to their entire bus range. 

The best product quality is ensured through close collaboration with the customer. And rest assured – we have both the desire and capacity to do just that! 

Aleksi  Hannukoski  
Quality and Product Manager  

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