Meet Finn Lamex

A leading windshield manufacturer for more than 20 years. Finn Lamex delivers, for example, original windshields to Van Hool motorcoaches in the USA.

How you’ll benefit from working with Finn Lamex

We are a premium, international B2B windshield manufacturer with decades of experience. With our custom-built production technology, we can meet the most demanding windshield requirements for cutting-edge vehicle designs. Aside from the limits of physics, there will be no compromises to size and shape. 

We’ll work with you from the design phase – with quick response times and an efficient worldwide network. Each windshield can be further customized with Solar Control for greater sun protection, internal heating, and attachments, so you’ll get the perfect solution for your vehicles.  

Large, complex curved windshield glass is our specialty. Our windshields are manufactured with the highest attention to detail, and our process allows us to find the perfect fit every time. Installation will be a breeze.  

Together, by choosing Finn Lamex, you’re choosing the best value – and driving experience – on the road. Your customers will notice.

In addition to our superior products, we offer fast and reliable delivery service to locations across the country. With our worldwide network, we can get your windshield to you in a timely manner, wherever you are.

It starts with an idea

Wondering, if it can be done? Usually the answer is yes. Let’s create the safest, most comfortable and most elegant version of your vehicle.

Virtually no design limitations

Our skilled professionals are true craftsmen. In doubt about details? We are happy to assist you with the practical aspects of the windscreen design.

Start with a prototype

Caught between different options? Start out with a prototype or with a smaller batch. We will help you find the perfect windscreen shape for your vehicle.

Do you have a finished design?

Wonderful! Contact us, let’s make your order happen. We guarantee a perfect fit, premium quality and on-time delivery to your destination.

If we can’t produce it, it can’t be done

(We have never said no to a challenge)

Our hallmarks of high quality

  • Flawless windshield form, free of optical flaws
  • Windshield dimensions according to customer specifications and tolerances
  • Established and reputable raw material suppliers
  • Strict quality control
  • Guaranteed RV windshield fit
  • Excellent customer service with flexible deliveries
  • Quick reaction to customer inquiries

We have yet to see a design model that we can’t bring to life. Customization is our specialty and we do it better than anyone on earth.

A trusted windshield manufacturer

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Product features

Finn Lamex has delivered over 650,000 windshields to satisfied long-term customers all around the globe. The windshields are produced with the highest quality standards and meet the American certification.

Prime protection
Our windshields are produced with the best raw materials available for the automotive market.

Sun protection
Windshields can be enhanced with a Solar Control PVB coating for greater protection against solar energy. This increases comfort and decreases the risk of potential sun damage for both drivers and passengers – all while keeping the cabin cooler.

Heated windshields
Heated windshields increase defrosting performance and visibility, powered by fine tungsten wires that are invisible to the naked eye.

Our specialty is producing large windshields in challenging shapes, which we accomplish through a combination of our state-of-the-art production facility and a handcrafted finishing process guided by decades of expertise.

We’ll work closely with you to design all the needed attachments and features for your windshields.

Customer orientation

We are known for our fast and efficient B2B customer service. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the best solution for you.

If you’re interested in a new windshield solution, don’t miss out on your chance to get tailored advice from one of our experts!

We look forward to working with you.

Trusted by

[Finn Lamex] is one of the top windscreen producers in the market… When somebody asks me if I can give a good reference in the windscreen manufacturing business, we say that Finn Lamex is at the top level.

Raf Janssens
Van Hool

Finn Lamex has had a cooperative attitude towards helping us meet our requirements, combined with a thorough knowledge of their own production processes, quality and way of working. The communication with our key contact was always open and fair.

 Jasper Backx

Finn Lamex wins because of their OEM products. The value of our business is that we can sell OEM products – it is very important to us. I’m choosing the best I can for my customers, and this is the reason I cooperate with Finn Lamex.

Anna Mroskowiak
Szyby Autobusowe

Everybody knows our company as the Finn Lamex company. Whenever we need some technical assistance, Finn Lamex is ready to give it to us. They react quickly to our questions, and we make a good team with their technical people as well.

Eva Kovacs
Auto-Bus Glass

We evaluate our cooperation with Finn Lamex as very good. 

Škoda Transportation

Finn Lamex has proven to be a partner more than a supplier, for us it was a big step to approach a supplier so far from us. Now we are satisfied with having made this choice for the quality, delivery times and technical support for any issue we have.


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Export Manager
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