About us

The windscreen expert


The windscreen expert

Finn Lamex manufactures top-quality laminated windscreens for commercial vehicles and off-road machinery. We specialize in windscreens for buses and coaches. You can see our windscreens on, for example, the red double-decker buses in London.

Finn Lamex is an original equipment manufacturer. In addition, we do after-market sales for bus manufacturers and wholesalers.

The best windscreen manufacturer in the world?
We just might be

Our daily goal is to meet the most demanding recuirements of our clients. We are renowned for our ability to work with demanding glass and challenging shapes.

The most of our production lines and manufacturing machines are self-designed and self-built to serve our specific needs. The well-planned design of production machinery and programming are main factors for our operation. It’s the details that make premium quality and successful deliveries possible.

Our management owned Nordic company is located in Laitila, south-western Finland.

Why choose Finn Lamex?

We offer world-class windscreen manufacturing know-how, excellent service and top-quality windscreens customized to your needs. Reacting quickly to our customers’ needs, agile decision making and quick deliveries make us the best supplier you could ask for.

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